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Irrigation Scheme for Sentosa Cove

CPG Consultants was engaged by Sentosa Development Corporation to carry out a feasibility study of Sentosa Cove, consisting of both north and south zones, and to provide a recommendation and tender for a suitable irrigation system for the landscape zones. The objectives were to maximise the existing water resources on Sentosa for irrigation, improve water quality before using it for irrigation and minimise on-going maintenance and operational costs.

In the design-and-build irrigation project, the irrigation water from three ponds in Sentosa was treated using ultraviolet rays and filtered before being introduced into the irrigation system via a series of interconnecting pipes and pumps. The whole irrigation network and weather sensors were monitored and controlled by a computer system in the main building.

Project name Irrigation Scheme for Sentosa Cove
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2009
Service(s) Rendered Environmental Engineering

Client Sentosa Development Corporation