Our Green Approach

CPG Corporation (CPG Corp) has adopted Green Approach as one of its core focus areas. Our portfolio of awards and accolades bear testament to our efforts in designing sustainable and functional buildings.


As a group, we constantly push the frontier of infrastructural and architectural design trends to meet the needs of modern facilities and their usage. Thus, one of our most distinctive design niches is environmentalism. The team is concerned and mindful of the impact modern infrastructure can have on the environment and we are hence, constantly producing solutions that enable us to co-exist with nature in harmony.


The efficient use of natural resources is a vital aspect of superior design. Therefore at CPG Corp, we pride ourselves on our ingenious ideas for the minimisation of waste and on efficient resource consumption. Be it by making use of natural ventilation in a tropical climate, cooling shades against the summer sun or the use of passive heating for winters, our creativity and respect for the environment are the core principles of our works.


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