Green Design

In its simplest form, a Green building does more with less. It consumes less energy and wastes fewer resources, resulting in greater responsibility towards the environment at large. The philosophy of providing a comfortable and healthy environment that is flexible and robust is relevant to almost everything - from an office building to an airport, from interior design to façade engineering.

CPGreen is a subsidiary of CPG Consultants solely dedicated to green design consultancy. We offer a full spectrum of project-specific information and green design services, with field experts who evaluate the appropriateness and consequences of each design approach. Utilising relevant technology supported by real-world research statistics, our professional team provides a range of options on how a building can be made more energy efficient with fewer resources.

Our comprehensive range of Green Design services are provided by three specialised units catering to specific market needs in the construction industry.

1. CPGreen – Green Design:

1.1 Green Building Bench-marking:
1.2 Green Design Solutions/Strategies
1.3 Building Performance Simulations

2. CPGreen – Sustainable Operations + Maintenance:

3. CPGreen – Green Technologies Integration:

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