The evolution of the public works scene in Singapore since the first Public Works Office was established in 1833 has supported the Singapore urban landscape and propelled the island into a “Garden City” that is world-renowned. Founded on this 188-year legacy, CPG Corporation (CPG) as the corporatised entity of the former Public Works Department of Singapore, is commemorating our journey in the built environment industry with the publication of a commemorative book titled "CPG 188". Join us in exploring our storied legacy through a look at the corporation’s works in laying foundations, connecting places, building communities, enabling healing and shaping identities.



Beginning with a brief look at the corporation's history, "CPG 188" focuses on the recent two decades of CPG and offers striking new insights into some of its challenges and unique circumstances. The book tells of how CPG's multidisciplinary teams overcame the odds to build some of the most iconic projects in Singapore and overseas, through its design philosophy supported by resilience, sustainability and technology.

WE ARE 188!

As we commemorate our 188-year legacy, join our various disciplines, subsidiaries and countries in celebrating our passion for the built environment all these years!

"The evolving global environment is a catalyst for cities to be more versatile and adaptable. CPG is staying ahead as an industry leader by leveraging our vast experience, identifying opportunities and creating sustainable developments that work responsibly with the environment."


As we reflect on the challenges that we have overcome, our colleagues share their most memorable experiences and aspirations for the future.

“The emphasis on cities of tomorrow lies with the human aspect of the ‘cities’ themselves. While technology enables smart cities, it is the better functioning of places, people and interactions that is the main objective.”