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Shandong Pearl Hill Integrated Water Management Design

Shandong Pearl Hill, with a total catchment area of about 560 hectares, is set to be developed into an integrated resort consisting of villas, recreational facilities, commercial buildings as well as natural habitats for various fauna and flora.

Comprehensive water balance analysis and hydraulic analysis were carried out by CPG Consultants, taking into consideration various critical factors associated with the development, as well as local climatic conditions.

The final objective of the Integrated Water Management for Pearl Hill is to maximise stormwater harvesting and its re-use; minimise the usage and import of recycled water; and eliminate any use of potable water to meet the entire environmental water demand of the development (e.g. irrigation, maintaining water features and street washing).

Project name Shandong Pearl Hill Integrated Water Management Design
Location China
Completion Date 2011
Site Area 5600000 m²
Service(s) Rendered Environmental Engineering

Client Shandong Pearl Hill Development Co. Ltd