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Singapore Racecourse
The Singapore Racecourse was a rare opportunity for CPG Consultants to explore and assemble a variety of building forms — the parade ring canopy of striking geometry juxtaposed against the sweeping line of the grandstand, the huge multi-storey car parks, stables for housing more than 1,000 horses and other structures.

Together, this collage of varying sizes and forms defines the essentials of modern-day racing to create a distinctive skyline. A highly sophisticated structural system of cantilevered steel roof trusses is used to suspend two of the four levels of the viewing gallery. Some other interesting features include the dramatic stainless steel roof profile that symbolises powerful horses in motion, a grandstand that is a visual feast to the patrons, and the full-height mullion-less glass wall and column-free interior space that offer breathtaking views of the three racetracks.

Designed in partnership with Ewing Cole Cherry Brott, an American racecourse consultant.
Project name Singapore Racecourse
Location Singapore
Completion Date 1999
Site Area 812000 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 160,500 m²
Typology Leisure
Project Cost SGD 500,000,000.00
Client Singapore Turf Club
    AIA (Philadelphia Chapter Award) 2000
    SIA Car Park Design Awards 2004 (Gold)
    Category: Completed Projects
    SIA-ICI Colour Awards 2001 (Merit)
    Category: Interior
    SSSS Steel Design Awards 2002 (Certificate of Commendation)