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Zhangjiajie Airport New Passenger Terminal Building
The crystal-shaped mountain peaks of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Zhang Jia Jie in Hunan inspired the design of the city’s new Terminal Building.

Like the mountains in the distance, repeated modules of folding vault roof profiles give layered depth to the overall composition. Natural light fills the spaces within the lofty, timber-lined soffit shell structures, streaming through the strip skylights at the roof valleys. The Terminal is designed for capacity of 5 million passengers per annum.
Project name Zhangjiajie Airport New Passenger Terminal Building
Location China
Completion Date 2012
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 50,000 m²
Typology Airports
Project Cost SGD 104,000,000.00
Client Hunan Province Airport Project Development Directorate
    Urban Planning, Architectural Design Competitions 2009 (1st Place)