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Guangzhou New Air Traffic Control Tower & Control Centre
The Control Tower design for Guangzhou New International Airport by CPG takes its inspiration from the provincial capital, which is known as "Five Goats City". The tower rises from the gentle embrace of the Air Traffic Control Centre and reflecting pool, which define its base. Like a 110m-high sentinel that marks the approach to the airport, it forms part of a composition that terminates the huge terminal building area. The tower unfolds from a narrower shaft, gradually widening to form the base of the control cabin. It maintains a continuity of surface to look slender and elegant, with a change in finish effect to hint at the curve of a goat's horns.
Project name Guangzhou New Air Traffic Control Tower & Control Centre
Location China
Completion Date 2003
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 10,100 m²
Typology Airports
Project Cost SGD 11,000,000.00
Client Civil Aviation Administration of China
    Urban Planning, Architectural Design Competitions 2001 (1st Place)