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Shanghai International Medical Centre
Shanghai International Medical Centre (SIMC) is an International standard 500-bed hospital located within Shanghai International Medical Zone. Occupying a 5.5 Ha site, the 13-storey private general hospital offers a comprehensive range of premium services through its operator, Parkway Health. It houses five Centres of Excellence, 16 operating theatres, critical and intensive care units, in-vitro fertilisation and executive health screening facilities and other ancillary services.

The overall design planning concept is to facilitate vertical connectivity and operation efficiency as a patient-centric environment, it has a luxurious hotel style interior and surrounded by landscaped gardens and water features throughout the premise to create a pleasant healing ambience. It is one of the first international private general hospitals in line with the new China Healthcare reform.

Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the building’s facade exudes the refined grandeur of a modern skyscraper and a noble air of dependability. Ornamental in a stylish fashion, the building is embellished with masonry, glass, aluminium and stainless steel in appreciation to its site; social functions and clientele. With the aim of sculpting interior spaces of optimum IEQ, the facade of the SIMC complements the medical and ward spaces in providing solar illumination and thermal comfort. From this union, individual healing spaces are created.

True to its philosophy of a patient-centric hospital delivering quality care, the SIMC is a masterpiece borne from the seamless integration of architectural, medical and management planning. SIMC takes the premium healthcare landscape to new heights by presenting a unique patient-centric environment amidst luxurious hotel-like interiors, landscaped gardens and water features.
Project name Shanghai International Medical Centre
Location China
Completion Date 2014
Site Area 55000 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 67,000 m²
Project Cost SGD 150,000,000.00
Client Shanghai International Medical Centre Investment & Management Co., Ltd