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Redevelopment of Changi Prison Complex

The redevelopment of the Changi Prison Complex involves the consolidation of all existing medium-security and maximum-security facilities, previously located in different sites all over Singapore, into a single 47.9-hectare site where the existing Changi Prison stands. Great effort was taken to create a highly secure environment while maintaining optimum operational and staffing efficiencies. This is achieved by creating "clusters" in the design, in which training and housing facilities are built close together, localising and sealing off the affected areas during the redevelopment. The clusters are distributed equally throughout the site.

High-rise complexes address the problem of limited land space to accommodate up to 23,000 prisoners. The design also took into consideration environmental and operational concerns to enhance operational flexibility and capita cost savings. The redeveloped Changi Prison Complex is an expandable, state-of-the-art and secure facility, which is well placed to meet Singapore's rehabilitative needs.

Project name Redevelopment of Changi Prison Complex
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2015
Site Area 480000 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 700,000 m²
Typology Security
Project Cost SGD 1,095,000,000.00
Client Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
    BCA Best Buildable Design Awards 2005 (Cluster A)
    Category: Institutional Buildings
    BCA Green Mark Awards 2012 (Platinum - Singapore Prison Service Headquarters)
    Category: New Non-Residential Buildings