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WWII Interactive Centre - Memories @ Old Ford Factory
The former Ford Factory is a historic building that houses the chamber where the British army surrendered to the Japanese during World War II. The project involves sensitive conservation of this Art-Deco style national monument to house exhibition as well as archival spaces.

Standing at right angles to the monument, a new 3-storey archives building frames the Historic Route, which is a key element in the surrender procession. This new building takes advantage of the sloping site terrain and delineates a link between the exhibition space in the monument and the entrance of the site. Two floors of the new building, as well as the archival space in the monument are designed to meet the stringent indoor environmental conditions that are required for the archives.
Project name WWII Interactive Centre - Memories @ Old Ford Factory
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2006
Site Area 8700 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 3,700 m²
Typology Leisure
Project Cost SGD 8,000,000.00
Client National Archives of Singapore (NAS), National Heritage Board (NHB)