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Fengxian Nanqiao New District Eco-Community Master Plan
In 2010, CPG Consultants was appointed to develop the urban design concept for Shanghai Fengxian Nanqiao New Town. The scope involved a master plan and urban design for 10km2, detailed architectural simulation and urban design guidelines for 2km2.

Nanqiao New Town is benchmarked as Shanghai's Post-World Expo Eco-city. Being in the Shanghai-Suzhou area, the site has numerous water canals for the purpose of storm water discharge and irrigation. The master plan was premised on the adoption of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), and seeks a better integration of the waterways with the existing community while creating best real estate value for the vacant greenfield sites. The use of detailed architectural simulation helped to establish urban design guidelines for key sites. Besides the adoption of WSUD, wind and solar simulations were utilised to guide the detailed urban design, with the objective of creating living public spaces.
Project name Fengxian Nanqiao New District Eco-Community Master Plan
Location China
Completion Date 2012
Site Area 10900000 m²
Client Shanghai Fengxian Nanqiao New City Construction & Development Co., Ltd