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Beijing Changping BeiQiJia Haijingluo Lake Area Master Plan and Urban Design
Located on the eastern side of Changping district, the 40km2 new town is an extension of the Future Science City (FSC), a research zone spearheaded by the Chinese Central Government.

The planning strategy acknowledges the structure of FSC and further complements its functions by creating unique public spaces and lifestyle choices for the creative workforce belonging to the iGeneration. Termed the GENIS, the 40km2 area is master planned into four unique zones: Green Valley, Edu-Village, Nexus New Town and Future Science City. These four zones surround the i-Park, where innovation originates. The WenYu River runs through the entire site, including the i-Park. Together, Water and Nature are the starting points for the master plan.

The master plan aims to adopt Water Sensitive, Climate Sensitive, Energy Sensitive, Eco-Sensitive and Culture Sensitive urban design approaches. The Green Valley in the northeast will be a low carbon community which mixes living and working in a car-free environment built alongside a waterway. The Edu-Village in the northwest of FSC represents the epitome of campus living, anchored by a live-learn commune. Capitalising on the existing educational institutions nearby, the Edu-Village is master planned to house more universities and schools. Yet another form of city image is created at the Nexus New Town in the southwest. The Nexus New Town embraces the HaiJinLuo Lake and offers a venue for leisure and recreation, as well as a destination for locals to visit and network. Streetfront shopping will also be revitalised.
Project name Beijing Changping BeiQiJia Haijingluo Lake Area Master Plan and Urban Design
Location China
Completion Date 2012
Site Area 54400000 m²
Service(s) Rendered Urban Planning & Design

Typology Urban Planning
Client Beijing Future City Science Development Company