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New State Courts Complex
New State Courts Complex design features an innovative two tower strategy. One tower is dedicated to the courtrooms, hearing Chambers and court supporting functions while the other tower to the offices and support functions. The 2 high-rise towers are linked by a series of foot bridges that enable the controlled circulation necessary for the courtroom process.

The courtroom tower is an open frame supporting a series of shared terraces on which the courtrooms are placed: it has no external facade. In a metaphorical sense, this represents the openness and impartiality of the judicial process. The open terraces feature planting and are designed to allow views across the city thereby reinforcing the civic role of the building.

This 160m high-rise Complex will have an area of 104,700sqm (GFA) to accommodate Civil courts, Criminal courts, registries and support functions. The existing State Courts building, (i.e. Octagon) is a distinctive 9-storey Court House building with a stepped form. This 1970s building will be conserved and refurbished to house Family and Juvenile Justice Division with GFA of 36,200sqm.

CPG Consultants is the Principal Consultant of this development, in collaboration with the architectural design consultant, Serie + Multiply Consultants Pte Ltd.
Project name New State Courts Complex
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2021
Site Area 23400 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 140,900 m²
Typology Governance
Project Cost SGD 450,000,000.00
Client Subordinate Courts