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SAFRA Toa Payoh Clubhouse
The clubhouse is a place for all, and caters to varied user profiles. The “Edutainment” concept is celebrated through the organization of elements of “Play”, “Learn” and “Enjoy”.

PLAY – Element of the building program that includes all sporting facilities (swimming pool, gym, badminton courts, squash courts, bowling centre etc.) and gaming facilities (slot machine, billiards, mahjong, cybergaming etc.)

LEARN – Element of building program that includes seminar rooms, childcare centre, enrichment centres, dance studio etc.

ENJOY – Element of building program that includes restaurants, BBQ areas, Childrens’ playhall & shops.

The elements of “Play”, “Learn” and “Enjoy” are organized around a central space comprising of the pool and arranged along an enclosing feature wall. A circulation spine hugs the feature wall and provides clear circulation flow within the clubhouse. The elements are juxtaposed along this circulation spine and arranged in a way that generates the most synergies between one element and another. This also allows for clarity in the functional flow of space throughout.
Project name SAFRA Toa Payoh Clubhouse
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2013
Site Area 14300 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 24,200 m²
Typology Leisure
Project Cost SGD 42,000,000.00
Client SAFRA National Service Association