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ADB Headquarters Building
The proposed extension of ADB office block is located in the existing ADB complex in Manila, Philippines. It is designed with respond to the axiality and the symmetry character which exclusively maintained by the formality of the existing building block arrangement within the ADB complex direction to reduce direct exposure to the sun.

The 3rd atrium is a grand 8 storeys high volume space which naturally lit by skylight at the 9th level. The atrium functions as a transitional space within the ADB office blocks and as well as a building feature that allows visual connection between office floors. A connecting space between the old and new blocks is created at the 1st level which connects the training facilities of the new block with the galleria and the existing training facilities of the old block. The 1st level of the atrium space is designed as a ‘lushly’ landscaped courtyard to accommodate spill over space for the training facilities. The courtyard also could serve the function as event space, recreation area and contemplation environment for the staff.

Cross ventilation is the key concept of the atrium, which would efficiently provide comfortable ventilated space that could accommodate multiple activities but on the other hand it doesn’t have to rely on conventional air condition system to create such tampered environment. This condition is achieved by lifting the offices at both flanks and start only from the 4th level. The atrium also provides adequate protection from sunlight and rain simply by having it covered at the 9th level but by creating a skylight at the roof of the atrium, a well-lighted space for multiple activities could be created.

At the roof slab the atrium or the 9th level, a zen garden is designed surrounding the skylight. The zen garden beside as an informal interaction space hidden at the top of the block, it is functioned as well to be rain water collection area for recycle purpose for the new block. Setting a new standard for office environment, the new extension block would make the ideal extension that still retain the institutional character of ADB and also provoke a sustainable way of office development.
Project name ADB Headquarters Building
Location Philippines
Completion Date 2014
Site Area 3000 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 31,100 m²
Service(s) Rendered Architectural Design

Client Asian Development Bank (ADB)