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Water and Wastewater Conveyance Systems
An adequate water and wastewater conveyance system is critical to ensure that the transmission of water is fully optimised in terms of cost, energy and hydraulics. CPG Consultants has vast experience in the planning, evaluation, design and construction of complex water, sewer networks and pipeline systems.

Our services include:
  • Provision of efficient engineering solutions for analysing and predicting water and wastewater conveyance systems using integrated and advanced computer software packages such as XP-SWMM, SOBEK and other industry standard software.
  • Design of water and sewer networks, and conducting pressure transient analysis of complex pumping systems using EPANET, AFT Fathom or other industry standard software.
  • Monitoring and prediction of water quality within a water body or pipeline at any given time using MUSIC, WASP, SOBEK, or other industry standard software.
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