CPG Signature receives an Honourable Mention at the IFLA Landscape Architecture Awards 2021

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Architecture Awards is an international platform that showcases and promotes the achievements and works of landscape architects in the Asia-Pacific region. We are pleased to announce that CPG Signature Pte Ltd (CPG Signature) was awarded an Honourable Mention for the Qinsheng Science and Innovation Core Landscape Project, in the Unbuilt Projects: Parks and Environmental Category.

Located in the New Nansha District, the Qinsheng Science and Innovation Core comprises one Transit Oriented Development Hub and several Metro Rail Transit (MRT) stations. It was designated as a centre of science and innovation where investors, students and tech companies can collaborate.

CPG Signature developed a Masterplan Study that aligned with three unique guiding landscape goals:

(1) Blue Carbon

(2) Modern Water City; and

(3) AI Garden

The three guiding landscape goals of CPG Signature’s proposal  (Image by CPG Signature)

Blue Carbon promotes the implementation of natural solutions to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. The team proposed three methods to achieve this goal – (A) the re-introduction of wetland systems, such as seagrass beds, mangroves and tidal marshes, (B) re-foresting along the buffer green areas along the three expressways with native species, with the intention of nurturing it to be maintenance free after the first three years; and (C) farming, through a combination of agriculture (lotus planting) and aquaculture (commercial fish) systems; which would fully utilise native biological resources, while attaining ecological balance and sustainable efficiency.

An extract of the Blue Carbon strategies recommended by CPG Signature (Image by CPG Signature)

The goal of a Modern Water City is to incorporate climate-sensitive design in a city’s landscape through Blue/Green Infrastructure (BGI), which integrates hydrological and biological systems. Given that the site is frequented by typhoons during monsoon season spanning from April through September, with moderate rainfall from October to January, it was integral to create an urban environment that could meet the seasonal surges and demands of sustainable water management, while maintaining the quality of urban life. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), otherwise known as Sponge City Concepts, was applied to the development. In addition, the team took inspiration from the site’s most abundant resource to propose a unique Culture through various design representations and activities, such as a main public transport route with water taxis and boat tours, community spaces such as waterfront and promenade areas, recreational activities such as water sports, or traditional water fests. 

Sustainable water management design in the urban environment by CPG Signature (Image by CPG Signature)

Lastly, AI Gardens is the use of latest technology that could be applied to the landscape to bring about key benefits to the community. This included the use of maintenance drones and robots for the agriculture and horticulture industry to mitigate the challenges of labour shortages and detect growth stresses due to climate change, while improving farming processes and harvest output. The team also recommended the application of Modular Garden Systems – a sustainable energy-efficient, simple-maintenance technology that utilises green roof and green wall systems to create urban living green ecosystems.

AI Gardens solutions proposed by CPG Signature (Image by CPG Signature)

CPG Signature’s Masterplan Study for the Qinsheng Science and Innovation Core Landscape Project was grounded in the design philosophies of Sustainability – through nature-based and innovative landscape solutions and water management, Resilience – amenities such as edible urban community gardens and design strategies to cultivate an appreciation of the city’s culture, builds up a community’s resilience and well-being; and Innovation – the thoughtful consideration and application of the latest technologies to benefit the community.

The team at CPG Signature possesses diverse experience that spans across different project typologies of various scale, size and complexity. We are able to generate world-class landscape designs and proposals for local and overseas projects that meet international standards. Getting recognition from international organisations like IFLA is an affirmation of the level of design quality and standards that our team is capable of. We continue to push ourselves to be better with every project experience. - CPG Signature Team


CPG Editorial Team