GoGlobal@CPG: 20 Years of Excellence in International Expansion

CPG Corporation (CPG), as the corporatised entity of the former Public Works Department (1833) of Singapore, has journeyed with the nation in urban development through a 190-year legacy, contributing to iconic projects such as Gardens by the Bay, the National Gallery Singapore, and the internationally acclaimed Terminals 1,2 and 3 of Singapore Changi Airport.

Supported by a strong lineage, association and track record with the Singapore brand, CPG has been proactively exporting the Singapore brand and its multidisciplinary consultancy expertise overseas. As part of CPG’s internationalisation strategy, CPG International Pte Ltd was established to link overseas stakeholders with CPG’s expertise in property development, asset investment and management.

More than two decades later today, CPG International’s operations have evolved into an extensive global matrix through its GoGlobal@CPG movement. With business networks weaving through Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, many high-quality developments have materialised through the strong alliances between CPG and its partners in these regions.

China is the first stop of CPG’s overseas expansion. Since its inception in 1999, CPG Shanghai has been steadily cultivating its business in the Chinese market for over 20 years. CPG Shanghai has provided multidisciplinary services such as urban design, master planning, architectural, project management and quantity surveying consultancy services for more than 600 projects across 60 cities across a wide range of typologies. Iconic projects include Suzhou Industrial Park Zone 2 and 3, Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2, Chengdu China Railway R&D Center, Foshan Chuangzhi Innovation Park, United Imaging Healthcare Surgical Global R&D Base, Guangzhou & Wuhan ISA International Schools and the Guangzhou Respiratory Hospital etc.

“CPG’s work in China illustrates successful glocalisation. By applying Singapore’s holistic design and management model to China’s unique development landscape and integrating the different cultures of both countries, we innovate and provide solutions that combine the best of both worlds to our clients. We will continue to do so for a more sustainable future,” says Mr. Dragon Yian, Managing Director of CPG Consultants (Shanghai) Co Ltd.

In Vietnam, CPG Vietnam’s progress in the country is as dynamic as Vietnam’s growth. Within 20 years, CPG Vietnam has expanded to having 100 staff and three offices locally today, a big jump from initially starting with only three staff. To date, CPG Vietnam has been involved in 600 projects and counting, amongst which several international and domestic airport terminal projects have been particularly prominent. These airport projects in Vietnam’s major provinces and cities as Tuy Hoa, Cam Ranh, Quang Tri, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang etc. were designed to align with Vietnam’s goal to be an international aviation hub. Significantly, Skytrax named Van Don International Airport at Ha Long Bay Asia’s Leading Regional Airport in 2020.

In the Middle East, CPG Middle East (formerly CPG Dubai) started in 2006 and has, over the years, established itself as an expert in the education typology. Led by its passion for education and the demand for international schools in the region, CPG contributed to more than 40 flagship educational buildings with our partners in the past 17 years.

The Central Asia region has also shown increasing potential in recent years for regional cooperation and investment. In 2022, CPG International signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kazakhstan-Singapore Business Council (KSBC) to facilitate further opportunities for commerce, investment and tourism between the two countries.

In January 2023, CPG participated in the Uzbekistan-Singapore Business Forum, which was part of Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s state visit to Singapore. CPG International signed a Cooperation Agreement (COG) with UzDIF (Uzbekistan Direct Investment Fund), a part of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade, to establish a cooperative working relationship regarding the investment attraction and development of building and infrastructure projects in Uzbekistan such as a biopharmaceutical enterprise, the construction of modern healthcare facilities and the creation of private schools.

CPG is also bringing niche expertise overseas. Environmental engineering is one such area. Established in 2002 with businesses spanning five continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia), CPG Environmental Engineering has 20 years of rich experience in providing various industrial water treatment solutions. With projects covering more than 100 sites and handling approximately 3,000,000 m³ of industrial wastewater, the company is a key player in the industrial environmental engineering industry. Mr. Jiang Yu Shou, Managing Director of CPG Environmental Engineering, shares his views about the future. “Issues such as climate change and water scarcity will make the field of environmental engineering even more critical. Backed by our strengths and reliability anchored by the Singapore brand, we focus on providing sustainable solutions to manage waste and minimise pollution, creating efficient and healthy resilient cities.” 

Celebrating more than 20 years of excellence in overseas operations, four of CPG International’s subsidiaries have produced commemorative books to showcase their iconic projects and milestones.

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This article was authored by:

Vincent Loh, Chief Executive Officer
CPG International Pte Ltd