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Ahmedabad International Airport
CPGairport produced this winning scheme for a competition invited by the Airports Authority of India to design a new International Terminal Building at Ahmedabad including associated aircraft parking apron, roadways, carparking and landscaping.

The design is conceived as a distinctive roofline making reference to the recognizable form of kites associated with an international festival held in the city. The kite shaped cutouts form skylights, while surrounding surface area is a membrane of ceiling finish from below, and roofing above. The 3-dimensional composition of these forms creates a dynamic structural system of trapezoidal-shaped frames tapering to a single node at the mid-span region of the roof truss that each skylight length comprises. Vertical circulation within the 1 and ½ level Terminal, designated for a capacity of 2 million passengers per annum, is handled at a circular deck at the centre of the back of the main halls. The terminal design benefits from an abundance of daylight from the skylights and shear-glass and louver facades, while energy efficiency within the climatic extremes of the city, is to be achieved by cooling and heating being concentrated on only the first 3 to 4 metres of space closely affecting the comfort of passengers.
Project name Ahmedabad International Airport
Location India
Completion Date 2010
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 40,000 m²
Typology Airports
Project Cost SGD 50,000,000.00
Client Airports Authority of India
    Urban Planning, Architectural Design Competitions 2004 (1st Place)