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Environmental Engineering
CPG Consultants is one of the key partners that has contributed significantly to the success of Singapore’s environmental management and integrated management of scarce water resources.

Our participation in the design and construction of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant, one of the largest water reclamation projects in the world with a daily capacity of 800,000 cubic metres -expandable to 2.4 million cubic metres daily - has boosted our multifaceted portfolio. In addition, CPG Consultants has made a significant contribution to the augmentation of Singapore’s water supply sources through the Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir Scheme.

Besides Singapore, we provide one-stop customised water and environmental solutions to global customers in the municipal and infrastructure sectors of China, Middle East, India and the ASEAN countries. Our capabilities and track records cover the full water cycle. We take an integrated approach to water resources management and adopt Water Sensitive Urban Design, which integrates water cycle management with urban planning and design.

In addition to providing environmental management and water resources engineering, our diverse portfolio also includes the implementation of modern environmental infrastructure, which incorporates drainage schemes, pipelines, sewer rehabilitations, pumping stations, water treatment and supply as well as wastewater collection and treatment projects.

As committed professionals with valuable experience and extensive background in the water and environmental sectors, we have executed projects that require the full scope of services, including feasibility study, masterplanning, process and engineering design, procurement, supply and installation, construction, testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance, as well as project management.

Our comprehensive range of environmental services includes:

CPG Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd (CPG EE), our subsidiary in China, provides fully integrated water and environmental engineering services to global customers in both municipal and industrial sectors. With a range of capabilities covering various types of water treatment (wastewater, water reuse/recycle, ultra-pure water etc) and waste-gas treatment, CPG EE provides customised design, build and operate solutions to suit individual clients.
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