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Geotechnical Engineering
CPG Consultants provides specialist consultancy in the planning, design and construction of underground works. Leveraging our specialised expertise, vast experiences and proven track record, we have established an extensive knowledge of ground conditions for projects in Singapore and around the region. Recognising the uniqueness of each problem in the realm of geotechnical and tunnelling engineering, and the variance of ground conditions for different projects, we work closely with our clients to formulate customised solutions that meet their diversified needs.

Our expertise lies in the following fields:

Tunnelling and Deep Excavations
Tunnelling and deep excavation works, especially in problematic soils such as soft marine clay and peaty clays, which often requires risk assessment, planned instrumentation, close monitoring, as well as site control against ground movement. Our extensive experience in this area enables us to advise our clients in the processes of planning, design and construction. The following are other related services:

  • Tunnel lining for bored tunnels and pipe-jacking works
  • Temporary retaining structures and support systems for deep excavation works
  • Prediction of ground deformations
  • Assessment of effects of underground construction works to adjacent structures
  • Field instrumentation and monitoring
  • Observation method

Earth-Retaining Structures

  • Reinforced concrete retaining and diaphragm walls
  • Contiguous bored pile and secant pile walls
  • Piped pile, soldier pile and sheet pile walls
  • Strutted, ground anchored and tied-back walls
  • Reinforced earth retaining walls
  • Retaining walls with relieving platform

Slope Stabilisation

  • Soil nailing
  • Ground anchors
  • Geogrid-reinforcement
  • Counterfort drains and horizontal penetrating drains

Ground Improvement

  • Preloading with vertical drains
  • Dynamic compaction
  • Jet grouting
  • Embankment piles

Basement and Foundations

  • Deep foundation for high rise buildings, marine structures and expressways
  • Piled and raft foundations, including analysis for negative skin friction, pile instrumentation, pile load testing and non-destructive testing of piles
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