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Civil & Structural Engineering
At CPG Consultants, we offer a systematic and integrated approach in solving Civil & Structural (C&S) Engineering design and construction challenges through the creative deployment of professionals and experts across a wide range of specialist fields. We work closely with our clients to formulate customised solutions to meet their diversified needs.

Our team of structural engineers strives to provide innovative structural solutions that cater to the rising sophistication of buildings. In addition to providing advanced structural analysis, design and checking of buildings, we also provide basement structural design services.

Working alongside the structural engineers, our geotechnical engineers perform slope stability checks, design of deep excavation support systems and complex foundations, as well as risk assessment of structures that are affected by excavation works.

Our range of C&S Engineering services includes concept planning, design and construction management of infrastructures and building complexes. Comprehensive and wide-ranging in nature, it covers the following sectors:

Structural Engineering

  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Institutional establishments and hospitals
  • Hotels, shopping and sports complexes
  • Civil defence shelters
  • Factories and warehouses
  • High rise buildings
  • Structural investigation and assessment
  • Advanced structural modelling
  • Restoration of Historical Buildings

Maritime Engineering

  • Shore protection structures
  • Wharves, quay walls and jetties
  • Causeways
  • Ponds and reservoirs

Geotechnical Engineering