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INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
The INTERPOL building consists of two discrete masses which are designed to complement each other in terms of scale, and linked via a sky bridge on the 4th level. Both buildings curve in plan and elevation and at the same time in opposed directions. This gives them their own identity whilst minimising the length and depth of the landscaped valley between them. With its distinct urban form and iridescent facade cladding, the building sets itself apart as a landmark from the surrounding buildings yet seemingly embraces the landscape and public space along Napier Road.

The curvaceous form of the building, together with its glass and metal facade, imparts a sleek and futuristic expression that corresponds to the intrinsic functions of the complex: a cutting-edge research and development facility that provides user spaces with a great expanse of views. The building has a slender floor plate, with horizontal panoramic windows either side. The facade appears to “peel-outs” at strategic locations on each floor. This not only piques visual interest from the exterior but also generate pockets of interesting spaces, so called break out zones, from the otherwise highly structured and efficient floor plates.

Luxuriant landscaping encircles the building’s base and extends to the 2nd storey landscape deck, softening and contrasting the man-made form with verdant greenery. Sited in close proximity to the Botanic Gardens, the site is blessed with mature trees which have been conserved to provide ample shade and picturesque views.
Project name INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2014
Typology Security
Client Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
    BCA Green Mark Awards 2014 (Platinum)
    Category: New Non-Residential Buildings