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Van Giang Eco Park Township
Van Giang Eco Park is one of the largest township developments in Vietnam with an estimated total capital outlay of US$6 billion. It is located next to the future expansion area of the Central Business District (CBD).

The central development spine consists of different compartmentalised districts: Entrance Gateway District at the north, CBD, Creativity District, Old Town and Tourism District, Sport and Knowledge City at the south entrance.

30% of the site area was designated for residential use. This comprises a range of housing types, including low-rise waterfront villas, canal housing, low-rise gated community and high-rise apartments. 26% of the land was set aside for service, tourism and commerce, including a waterfront cultural and recreation loop, high-rise offices, a modern shopping district and SOHO cluster in the creativity zone.

In urban design, computer simulation was used for the first time to create the desired wind flow and sunshading at city level. The shape, geometry and orientation of buildings were modified to reduce wind shadows while maximising shade for different seasons.

In addition, water sensitive designs at town level were incorporated to protect the water quality through filtration and retention, treating waste water before discharging back to the environment and utilising storage points to reduce run-off and peak flows to mitigate floods.
Project name Van Giang Eco Park Township
Location Vietnam
Completion Date 2008
Site Area 5000000 m²
Service(s) Rendered Urban Planning & Design

Typology Urban Planning
Client Viet Hung Urban Development & Investment JSC (Vihajico)