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Study on Water Demand and Supply Enhancement, Brunei

CPG Consultants, in partnership with Jurusy Perunding, Brunei Darussalam and Singapore Utilities International, was appointed by the Public Works Department of Brunei Darussalem for this project. The objective was to set up a program and system to monitor and reduce the level of non-revenue water, as well as reduce the level of water usage by consumers for the Brunei-Muara-Tutong water supply system.

We were responsible for the Geographical Information System (GIS) and network modelling modules, including data collection and field measurement for hydraulic model calibration. We also assisted the client in setting up a GIS centre in the Department for Water Services (DWS).

In addition, we developed a detailed hydraulic network model of the Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts utilising the water utility GIS database with InfoWater. The network model comprised of more than 32,000 nodes and 33,000 links with a total length of more than 2,000 km. The entire modelling was carried out under the GIS environment.

Two standard training sessions on GIS and training on network modelling by InfoWater were provided for DWS staff. This enabled DWS to continue to update the GIS database and network model simultaneously. A micro network model was developed to effectively apply the model in the planning, designing, operation and maintenance of their water utility system.

Project name Study on Water Demand and Supply Enhancement, Brunei
Location Brunei
Completion Date 2006
Service(s) Rendered Environmental Engineering

Project Cost SGD 884,800.00
Client Public Works Department of Brunei (PWDB)