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Berlin Wall @ Bedok Reservoir Park
The detailed project brief and site constraints called for substantial changes to the original scheme in a design competition previously won by students.

The Berlin Wall exhibit is a piece of 20th century history and modern art that evokes feelings of contemplation and a sense of awe at the historical turn of events once thought impossible. The design of the pavilion and surroundings are simple and quiet, creating an ambience for reflection. Focus is drawn to the main exhibit by placing the wall in the centre of a circular pavilion. Viewed from afar, the columns look like silhouettes of tree trunks, blending into the park surroundings. However, up close, they are angular and industrial T-shaped steel columns painted in dark grey that allude to the grey and cold Berlin conditions where the wall segments originally stood. The skewed columns and zig-zag patterns created on the floor allude to the socio-political fragmentation created by the wall and the dynamic moment of the falling of the wall.
Project name Berlin Wall @ Bedok Reservoir Park
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2009
Site Area 3400 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 200 m²
Typology Leisure
Project Cost SGD 2,000,000.00
Client National Parks Board (NParks)
    SILA 2009 (Silver)