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Changi Water Reclamation Plant

CPG Consultants partnered with CH2M Hill to design and manage the construction of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant for PUB, Singapore's national water agency.

The Changi Water Reclamation Plant is one of the largest water reclamation facilities in the world. Located at the eastern edge of Singapore, the plant is mainly underground and stacked for maximum compactness. At 55 hectares, it occupies less than a third of land area needed for a conventional layout. The plant includes facilities such as grit removal, primary sedimentation, bio-reactors with anoxic and aerobic zones, secondary sedimentation and sludge thickening and drying. The physical and biological treatment provided by the plant produces clean water of the highest international standards, suitable for discharge into the deep sea at the Straits of Singapore. The plant effluent is suitable for reclamation in the future. The design also accommodates plans for a future NEWater plant.

A key feature of this mega project is the use of an advanced computer technique involving a three-dimensional model and database during its design and construction. The information in the model and database will be used in the future operation of the plant. After the completion of the first phase in 2008, the plant has a capacity to treat up to 800,000m3 of used water from homes, industries and businesses per day. It will eventually be able to handle a capacity of 2.4million m3 per day.

Project name Changi Water Reclamation Plant
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2010
Project Cost SGD 2,000,000,000.00
Client Public Utilities Board (PUB)
    BCA Construction Excellence Awards 2008