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ABC Waters Programme (Lower Seletar Reservoir)
The Lower Seletar Reservoir is an extensive scenic water body. Our objectives aim to improve accessibility to the reservoir and extend its influence to a greater catchment in the North Eastern part of Singapore. The overall concept capitalizes on its potential for water-based activities, yet preserving space for the nature lovers. With some 2sqkm of water surface, there is room for the active and competitive, as well as the passive and tranquil. Water activities like kayaking and dragon boating are encouraged.

The Lower Seletar Reservoir - Family Bay and Rowers’ Bay consists of new facilities like a car park, water-related performance stage and kids play features and a heritage bridge. While these are added to facilitate park usage of visitors to the reservoir, Family Bay is planned as a water sensitive urban design (WSUD) demonstration park.

A Rain Garden is designed to treat rooftop runoff from buildings to clean water used for the kid’s play and fountain features. Surface runoff from the carpark is treated through a Bio- swale. This swale treats surface runoff from the car park and discharges it into the reservoir. These bio-retention systems have been widely used for storm runoff treatment and found to be effective in removing suspended solids and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. As bio-retention basins, the Rain Garden and Bio- swale operate by passing runoff through a prescribed filtration media, commonly planted with vegetation that provides treatment fine filtration, extended detention and some biological uptake.
Project name ABC Waters Programme (Lower Seletar Reservoir)
Location Singapore
Completion Date 2009
Site Area 6500 m²
Service(s) Rendered Architectural Design
Civil & Structural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Quantity Surveying
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Assessment
Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Project Cost SGD 11,000,000.00
Client Public Utilities Board (PUB)